The Project ( “together towards”) was founded in 2012 as a professional network operating in corporate law on the initiative of lawyers Piergiorgio Di Lembo, Andrea Roio and Marco Veri. The seeds were then planted for a project that put together different experiences and skills to provide services to their corporate client base. The project budded successfully into Studio Legale Associato Di Lembo Roio Veri, with Firm name avvocati d’impresa.

Prevention’s lawyers do not only solve problems but are geared to help their clients to avoid them. They specialise in potential conflict management and the relative business risk, in line with legal developments and the vital need to study and apply the necessary safeguards to protect corporate clients and individual traders. The Firm therefore pays particular attention to company internal procedures, promoting a culture that encourages prevention of problems by bolstering the company’s safety net.

Professionalism’s team members are experts in their various fields of law. The Firm pays particular attention to the professionalism of its members, their discretion and versatility. Relations with clients are based on trust gained through efficiency, prompt action and real time communication. The Firm’s lawyers research and prepare specialised advice on corrective, supplementary measures and propose practical solutions by means of positive and constructive dialogue with the client.

Proposal the Firm’s logo and mission. The Firm’s members cooperate in creating value for their corporate clients by working in close contact with other professionals. The Firm’s philosophy is that excellent, all-encompassing consultancy ensures economies of scale and is a sine qua non with respect to medium and long term projects for making informed financial decisions, meeting deadlines and reaching strategic goals.


Speaker: Franco Perolino “The Supervisory Board: characteristics, role, function, responsibility.”